Ninti Training Limited

Ninti Training Limited is a unique service providing training and development to organisations in a wide variety of locations and settings.

As part of Ninti Pty Ltd, Ninti Training Limited upholds the organisation’s vision, values and mission outlined here. NTL contributes to achieving the stated outcomes by creating and delivering innovative training services. Our skilled staff empower our client organisations and participants to reach their full potential.

Remote healthcare service delivery

Ninti Training Limited develops the capacity of Aboriginal people and health professionals to improve community health outcomes and increase effective Aboriginal control over primary healthcare service delivery. Ninti Training provides accredited and non-accredited health-development education and resources in remote areas of the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

In-service primary healthcare education

Ninti training offers in-service health education and training to meet the needs of Aboriginal health workers/practitioners and Aboriginal staff as well as board members associated with the health clinics, medical centres and other organisations.