About Us

Ninti Training is striving for capable, confident and competent people

Ninti Training Limited began life as the Central Australian Remote Training Unit (CARTHU) in a demountable at Alice Springs’ Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD). In 2001, Central Australian Remote Health Development Services Ltd (CARHDS), a support organisation for the development of Aboriginal community controlled health services (ACCHOS), was independently incorporated under Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The organisation was responsible for much of the primary health care training, governance and cross-cultural training required by ACCHOs as they established themselves as health services in Central Australia. Primary tasks have since shifted towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice (ATSIHP) upskilling in ACCHOS and the Northern Territory Department of Health.

Between 2012 and 2016, the training footprint was expanded to include remote communities in the Top End, as well as incorporating accredited training in language, literacy and numeracy.

In 2021, CARHDS became Ninti Training. Today, Ninti Training Limited offers revised versions of successful and longstanding training products, as well as newly developed projects reflecting shifting healthcare and community requirements. Ninti Training specialises in working with Aboriginal workers in their communities using a strengths-based model and is mindful to include community members in decisions regarding training.