Foundation skills for your future

Ninti Training Limited is a member of a panel of service providers (registered training organisations) selected by the Australian Government to deliver the Foundation Skills for Your Future program.

The program is designed to assist employers with developing the Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital (LLND) skills of their workforce through the delivery of free Employer Workplace Training, increasing employee productivity and efficiency, while reducing risk and turnover.

Foundation Skills for Your Future is also available to eligible individuals wanting to improve their LLND skills and increase their employability through free personalised training.

Employer workplace training

Under the Foundation Skills for Your Future program, we offer fully funded training solutions to organisations wishing to enhance the LLND skills of their employees. We will work closely with your organisation to identify skill and training gaps, and develop accredited and/or non-accredited, tailored, on-site training for your eligible employees, helping you:

  • increase the productivity of your workforce through building their language and literacy skills, reducing potential errors and miscommunication
  • improve WHS compliance and lower safety risks through enhanced employee literacy and numeracy skills
  • grow your staff retention rates through improved communication and collaboration between your employees
  • equip your employees with the necessary digital skills to prepare them for technological advancements within your field
  • boost stakeholder satisfaction by teaching your employees how to communicate clearly and effectively when writing or speaking
  • reduce your training costs.


The Foundation Skills for Your Future program is aimed at participants with Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital skills up to a Certificate II level. Your employees will be eligible if they:

  • are an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • are aged 15 years and over;
  • have left secondary school education; and
  • are employed or recently unemployed (within the past nine months) and are not registered with an Australian Government employment service provider.

Employees and individual participants will be ineligible for free LLND training under the Foundation Skills For Your Future program if they are enrolled, or eligible to be enrolled, in an existing Commonwealth, state and territory subsidised or partially subsidised language, literacy, numeracy and/or digital skills training program.

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